Dun Rite Pool


1483 Route 179
Lambertville, NJ 08530


1483 Route 179
Lambertville, NJ 08530

High Quality Grills and Smokers

Modern Barbeque Equipment

Dun Rite Pool is proud to offer wood pellet grills and modern barbecuing solutions that will take your grilling game the the next level.

Green Mountain Grills and Smokers

Wood Pellet Grills and Smokers
If you're the type of griller who will accept no substitute for enhanced flavor and deep smoked deliciousness, we have the ultimate grilling solution that will impress your guests. Pellet grilling allows you to enjoy seasoned hardwood smoked meats and vegetables with huge flavor and virtually no hassle. Simply choose your favorite flavor packed pellet blend and select a temperature setting, then sit back while the digitally controlled auger automatically feeds pellets into the grill.

Speciality Rubs
• Beef
• Roasted Garlic Chipotle
• Poultry
• Sizzle Blend
• Pork
• Fish
• Wild Game

• GMG Pizza Sauce
• Heat & Sweet
• Pitmaster
• Cherry Chipotle
• Cattle Drive

Seasoned Hardwood Pellet Blends
• Apple Blend
• Gold Blend
• Fruitwood Blend
• Texas Blend
Wood Pellet Grills
Flavored Grilling Pellets
Pellet Grill
Pellet Smoker
Grill Pellets
Flavored Wood Pellets for Grilling
Meat Rubs

MHP and Phoenix Grills

Modern Home Products invented outdoor gas grilling and has been building the highest quality propane grills made here in the USA since 1950! Built for superior heat distribution, reliability, and durability; MHP continues to be the standard bearer for gas grilling. We're proud to distribute grills for a company that continually improves on their innovative approach to outdoor cooking, which they established over 60 years ago.

Phoenix Indirect Heating Gas Grills
Phoenix Grills, presented by Profire Grills (a division of MHP) offer a modern innovation over and above traditional gas grills. Phoenix's unique design places the drip pan above the flame, preventing flare ups while further enhancing their commitment to even heat distribution.
Gas Grills
Dun Rite Pool

1483 Route 179

Lambertville, NJ 08530

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